NGO Week Press Release


TANGO Presents NGO Week 2012
Partnership and Progress
Celebrating NGO Contribution to the Gambia’s Socio-Economic and Political Development

The Association of NGOs in the Gambia wishes to inform the general public that it is launching its maiden NGO Week from Saturday 11 – Friday 17 February 2012 at TANGO Head Office in Fajara. This is a week of activities designed to showcase the contribution of NGOs to national development over the past 40 years and more. Established in 1983, TANGO has a membership of 73 national and international NGOs and several other smaller community based organizations who are involved in all aspects of development work and in all regions of the Gambia. We are engaged in raising awareness of people about development issues seeking to change behaviour and ensure safe, decent and healthy lives. NGOs are also involved in advocacy work in which we seek to influence public policy for the purpose of ensuring quality development services and goods reaching the people. In this regard NGOs engage the Government and development partners in policy formulation, implementation and evaluation. In this way NGOs therefore also hold the Government and other stakeholders accountable in order to ensure highest quality of professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness in the public sector.
In the area of service provision, NGOs have created and operated centres or facilities for the provision of such services and goods as education, health, community development, relief, and rehabilitation among others. In this regard NGOs actively engage in capacity development which seeks to target Government, private sector and civil society institutions and their personnel. The purpose of the capacity development interventions is to build skills and knowledge of individuals and institutions to be able to better deliver effective development service.
In the light of these interventions therefore, one will realize that NGOs have supported national development in all aspects. The end result of these interventions is the development of national capacity for sustainable development. It is for this reason that the Gambia continues to gain results in national development plans resulting in reducing poverty, ensuring access to services and improvements in living standards.
Over the years NGOs have reached far more communities than any sector in the country and have sought to empathize and support communities to overcome challenges and build their capacity for self-reliance and development.
As we celebrate the maiden NGO Week, TANGO wishes to express its appreciation and gratitude for the partnership it has enjoyed with all partners in the public and private sectors as well in the civil society. We wish to assure our partners and indeed all Gambians that TANGO and its diverse membership as well as the entire NGO community remains highly committed to the development of this country.
NGO Week is a platform for recognition of our contributions, but also an exercise where we wish to engage in peer review and subject ourselves to the scrutiny of the general public in order to account for our work and mission.
The highlights of the NGO Week as follows:

Day 1: Saturday February 11
•    NGO Week parade from Africell via Kairaba Avenue to TANGO Head Office. Opening Ceremony follows in late morning to         be presided over by the President of the Republic. Stalls for exhibition of NGO work and materials open at TANGO  from 11 -17 February every day.
•    Performance by Humanity Band and launching of TANGO soundtrack.
•    Launching of TANGO website and Facebook and Twitter pages
•    Friendly match between Walidan and Brikama United at the Independence Stadium supported by Action Aid International     the Gambia. Entrance is free!

Day 2:  Sunday February 12
•    Thanksgiving prayers for the development, peace and stability of the Gambia in all        churches in the Gambia
•    Special session on disability and children hosted by Gambia Federation of the Disabled in recognition of this  year’s theme of the Day of the African Child
•    Development Quiz

Day 3: Monday February 13
•    Launching of TANGO Thematic Groups
•    Panel discussion on gender and poverty
•    Drama performances on gender and poverty
•    Interactive sessions hosted by the EU’s Non-State Actors Strengthening Programme (NSASP)

Day 4: Tuesday February 14
•    Panel Discussion on human rights and governance
•    Side events to be hosted by local and international partners
•    Drama performances on human rights and governance
•    Interactive sessions on governance hosted by NSASP

Day 5: Wednesday February 15
•    Panel Discussion on climate, agriculture and the environment
•    Side events by private sector partners
•    Drama performance on climate, agriculture and the environment
•    Interactive sessions on livelihoods

Day 6: Thursday February 16
•    Policy Dialogue on the national development blueprint, PAGE
•    NSASP interactive sessions on communications

Day 7: Friday 17 February
•    NGO Consultative Forum
•    TANGO Awards Ceremony
•    Close of NGO Week

On each of all the days, there will be exhibitions, fun games, sports and radio and television panel discussions hosted by various organizations as well as live coverage on GRTS and private radio stations.
TANGO invites the general public to this epoch-making event taking place for the first time in the Gambia.
For more information contact TANGO Head Office on 4390525 / [email protected]