Climate, Agriculture & Environment

Climate, Agriculture & Environment Group

1    Agency for Village Support (AVISU)
2    Campaign for Development and Solidarity (FORUT) – Gambia
3    Concern Universal (CU)
4    Freedom From Hunger Campaign (FFHC)
5    Gambia Artisanal Fisheries and Development Association (GAMFIDA)
6    Gambia Food and nutrition Association (GAFNA)
7    Gambia Rural and Development Agency (GARD)
8    International Relief Development  (IRD)
9    Methodist Mission Agricultural Programme (MMAP)
10  National Farmers’ Association for Poverty Alleviation (NAFA)
11   National Women’s Farmers’ Association (NAWFA)
12   Njawara Agricultural Training Centre (NATC)
13   Rural Development Association (RDA)
14   Stay Green Foundation (SGF)
15   Trust Agency for Rural Development (TARUD)